Airbnb Hosting mistakes that you are making

Airbnb Hosting mistakes that you are making

As an Airbnb hosts, it is your responsibility to try your level best to offer your guests the best experience possible. However, sometimes mistakes are unavoidable especially when you are brand new to the hosting game. Some mistakes are easily avoidable but some require time and experience in order to learn how to avoid them. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to avoid problems from arising or getting out of control. Here are the most common Airbnb hosting mistakes to avoid as a host:

Setting your price too low

Here is the thing; when you are first starting out as a host, you will be required to set your prices a little low in order to attract your first booking. However, as you continue to attract more bookings, you will also have the opportunity to adjust your prices as your ratings continue to improve. 

The worst thing that you can do is to allow your pricing to remain the same after you have been in business for a while. Is what you are currently charging now sufficient to sort your income and occupancy taxes? Take care of your mortgage and utilities? Pay for an Airbnb management London company? These are some of the things that you should keep in mind when adjusting your pricing. 

Failing to clean your Airbnb

When it comes to successful short-term rentals, cleanliness in an Airbnb is a necessity and not a plus. No one enjoys arriving in a new area or city with ready-made plans for a vacation just to stay in an untidy flat with an even untidier bathroom. Every room in your Airbnb rental should be maintained pristinely. If not, it could definitely put a dent on your Airbnb ratings- and no host wants that!

Providing inaccurate information in your listing 

When creating your Airbnb listing, it is essential that you are as transparent and as upfront with information as possible, otherwise you risk getting bad reviews from disappointed guests. When creating your listing, you want your guests to have a sense of exactly what to anticipate from your rental space. Let your potential renters have a full picture by including fine details such as the sizes of your beds, the amenities available, as well as some of the perks that you can provide. This will make it so much easier for your guest to make their decision when looking for a property to book. Thats why is important to remember the importance of Airbnb Management London to ensure all will go according to plan.

Latin Music and its rise in popularity

Latin Music and its rise in popularity

In the past three or so years, there has been a change in the global entertainment industry with Latin music taking a bigger role than it used to. The increase in its popularity could be seen in the fact that it overtook other music genres such as country music in billboard charts. While the industry is always dynamic, it is important for us to explain some of the reasons why such changes as the ones experienced in Latin music occur.

What led to the rise in popularity?

This is a question that producers, artists, and even fans of Latin music have asked themselves at one point. Essentially, the artists and producers want to find out the reasons so they can capitalize more on them. On the other hand, for most fans, it is a matter of interest in the music itself. So, what is it that led to the drastic changes seen in Latin music?

The change itself cannot be said to be sudden. Therefore, by observing the records of Latin music before and now, it is easy to identify that the reason behind the change in Latin music is the change in its sound. There was a time that Latin music was associated with reggaeton. Reggaeton was, in a way, Latin music’s own identification. However, as the interests in music changed, the sound that we heard in Latin music also gradually evolved to the pop that we are hearing right now.

Is “urban” feel good for Latin music?

Changes in the entertainment industry always lead to controversy and the case with Latin music is no different. There are those who wish to stick to the same old reggaeton sound and there are those that are more impressed with the “urban” feel brought on by the pop sound. But which is sound is better and how well does the pop sound fit with Latin music as compared to the past?

In truth, when it comes to judgments, it is always best to leave it to the fans to argue and decide. However, as far as Latin music is concerned, the fact that there has been such a positive reception to the modern Latin music means that it is working. However, that doesn’t mean that the old sound was bad. Instead of focusing on good and bad, you should focus on the audience and what they want. And the current audience of young people wants more urban music. Now, doesn’t that just lead to monoculturalism? That is a question for a different day

How to Keep Your Rentals in Demand with Superb Tenancy Cleaning

How to Keep Your Rentals in Demand with Superb Tenancy Cleaning

Are your rental units seeing low occupancy rates even when the rest of the neighbourhood has no such problems? It could be that your rental units are unattractive. Potential tenants are very likely to be put off by dirty and unhygienic conditions. Unfortunately, some landlords do not bother to do proper tenancy cleaning when previous tenants leave.

An occupied house, especially one that has been occupied for long will need work from top to bottom. Some tenants do not bother doing end of tenancy cleaning and leave the house dirty, smelly, stained and inhabitable. Regular general cleaning is usually inadequate in such circumstances. This requires the services of professional end of tenancy cleaning services.

What is involved in tenancy cleaning?

The house is cleaned from the ceiling to the floor. Every square foot in the house is cleaned with the aim of making it as good as new. All floors are cleaned:

  • Living room – The ceiling is dusted. The furniture upholstery, curtains and other fabrics are thoroughly cleaned, using steam cleaning if necessary. The floor is cleaned including removing stains on the carpets. Glass and wooden surfaces are polished and shined.
  • Bedrooms – All clutter in the cabinets and cupboard is taken out. Dust and cobwebs are removed from hidden corners. Rugs and carpets in the rooms are cleaned.
  • Kitchen – All appliances are cleaned. This involves degreasing the oven and wiping down the fridge.
  • Bathrooms – The bathtub, sinks, and toilet bowls are disinfected and scrubbed. Water stains and limescale are washed off the walls. The drains are unclogged. All the mirrors are cleaned and polished.
  • Hallways and stairways – The railings are cleaned and polished, and handprints cleaned off the walls.

If the rental units are standalone with compounds, you may want to ask the cleaning service to work on the outside as well. This would include cleaning the veranda and cleaning the driveway.

Why use a tenancy cleaning service?

If you have several units to be cleaned, it is better to engage a professional cleaning service:

  • Professional work – A cleaning service with experienced cleaners will do a better job than casual contractors. A cleaning service is likely to have more resources, including manpower, cleaning equipment and access to powerful cleaning agents.
  • Timely services – A cleaning service can get your rental units prepared quicker
  • Cost – You do not have to incur the costs of purchasing cleaning equipment and materials. You will also be in a position to negotiate if you have a big job.

Using tenancy cleaning services when preparing your rental units can make a big difference in how attractive they look to potential customers. You will see improved occupancy rates.

Why You Are Not Getting the Right End of tenancy Cleaners

Why You Are Not Getting the Right End of tenancy Cleaners

A majority of landlord-tenant disputes arise from tenancy deposit disagreements. In turn, a majority of these tenancy deposit disagreements arise from issues around end of tenancy cleaning. Some tenants opt for DIY cleaning or go for the cheapest end of tenancy cleaners, which ends up with a shoddy cleaning job. If you have moved severally and keep getting the cleaning done improperly by the cleaning services, you are getting the wrong kind. Here is why, and how to avoid them.

You do not vet

If you pick up the newspaper classifieds and pick the first cleaning service that shows up, you could be picking an inexperienced service, or cons. You never know until you vet. This is why you need to look into some questions; how long has the cleaning service been in operation? Can they show references of past satisfied clients? How credible is their website?

You can also do a physical visit to the offices. How well organized is the office? Does it look credible and well-used or it a temporary space for conning people?

You do not look at the resources

Many people will usually contract a cleaning service over the phone without bothering to check whether the cleaning service can handle the scale of a job or not. In turn, a good number of cleaning services will usually rely on sub-contracting arrangements when the job is beyond their capacity. There is a big risk of ending up with poorly skilled end of tenancy cleaners

A professional cleaning service will usually be able to show the manpower for the job at hand. They will also have the required equipment for the job including equipment for working at heights. The cleaning service should also demonstrate knowledge for dealing with different types of dirt and have the cleaning materials required.

You go for the cheapest

The cheap end of tenancy cleaning is not always the best. Some cleaning services quote low prices and then cut corners to make money. This includes hiring poorly skilled undocumented immigrants. They will also be poorly equipped, making do with the bare minimum tools that may not be suitable for the job.  They will also use the cheapest available cleaning materials which could be toxic or not up to the task of cleaning stubborn stains.

You do not define what you want

If you do not define the job at hand, a cleaning service may not be in a position to judge whether they can handle the job or not. Always have a scope of work.

How has Streaming Benefited Latin Music?

How has Streaming Benefited Latin Music?

Latin Americans, just like everybody else around the world, love their music. The style of their music is beyond comparison with any other. The style is an embodiment of the geographical and cultural aspects of their lives. The music falls into different genres; namely, Salsa and Bachata. Other genres are regional Mexican music and Latin pop. All these genres – and the industry as a whole – have benefited greatly from streaming.

Revenues from this type of music have increased massively in the last 2-3 years.

In 2017, revenues increased by 44%.

That is exceptional considering revenues in the global music industry grew by 8.1%.

Industry projections indicate that revenues from Latin music will increase in 2018 and beyond.

Exposure to millions of people

Streaming services have helped push Latin music to the global audience. This, coupled with lyrics-translation apps and sites, has catapulted the music to levels it never enjoyed before. The fact that Latin America has a population of close to 700 million has also made the music popular for streaming and translation. With Spanish and Portuguese being the two most widely spoken languages among Latinos, the popularity of music in these languages will only grow.

The algorithms used by the streaming sites are recommending Latin music to more listeners.

All the best streaming services rate and recommend Latin music highly. These services include:

  1. Spotify
  2. Tidal
  3. SoundCloud
  4. Pandora
  5. Apple Music
  6. iTunes
  7. Deezer

Increased exposure to mainstream channels

In the past, Latin acts (musicians, bands, and artists) had to do a lot of work to penetrate mainstream channels. In fact, they had to do more than their colleagues in other parts of the world. However, they now enjoy global prominence as their music gets widespread listenership from all parts of the world. The non-Latin speaking parts of the world have embraced Latino music and streaming services have played a crucial role in encouraging this level of acceptance.

Destroyed barriers

Streaming services have broken down the barriers that previously stood in the path of Latino music. Some of these barriers slowed the global acceptance of Latino music too. The barriers made it more difficult for Latin musicians to expand the reach of their music to various countries around the world. Today, their music reaches everywhere rather than being limited to Latino speaking countries only.

What the streaming services have given Latin music is exposure.

Latino music can now travel faster, easily, and more effectively courtesy of streaming services.

With time, Latino music may have earned universal acceptance and listenership on their own.

However, streaming services and translation tools have accelerated its acceptance worldwide.

Top Seven Reasons for Listening to Latin Music

Top Seven Reasons for Listening to Latin Music

People growing up in the Latin world have a deep love and appreciation for their music. To them, music is life. Music adds a bit of spice to their already colorful life.

Latinos use music to share about their passion and love for life.

They use it as a way of expressing their feelings. They hold nothing back in music. Below are a few reasons to convince you to begin listening to Latin music, if you haven’t been doing that.

Danceable Tunes

Latino music can be accused of many things, but not being boring. This type of music isn’t the kind you listen to without shaking your limbs in tandem with the beats.

The music is catchy and danceable.

It is the best alternative to mainstream music that leaves you wondering what’s up with life.

Perfect for the Best Parties

Visit a Latino party if you are wondering about the caliber of parties you have graced with your presence. Latin dance parties are explosive.

You will not find anybody sitting down while Latin music plays at these parties.

Age is not a hindrance. The old and young dance just as aggressively and passionately.

Romantic Music

The romanticism of Latin music is unmatched on many fronts. Any song that talks about love is truly romantic. Singers tell a story with their music.

Expression of Community

Any person who is committed to developing a sense of community should make listening to Latin music a matter of priority.

The music the Latinos sing expresses their sense of community better than anything else.

The music espouses neighborliness and importance of strengthening bonds within the family.

Glimpse into the Culture

Latinos are full of life. If you doubt that, then spare some time to listen to their music. The music will show you just how full of life and happy the people are.

The music is a reflection of their roots.

The music shows how much they value family, love, community and having fun.

Beauty of the Language

Portuguese and Spanish are the two most widely spoken languages in “Latinosphere”. The beauty of the language they speak is unrivalled.

The language sounds pretty when spoken.

It sounds even better when sung.

Encourages a Smile

Are you feeling a bit down today? Just go to YouTube and play any Latin music. Within minutes, you will be smiling with yourself.

Create a pick-me-up-when-I’m-down playlist full of Latino songs.

You will never struggle picking yourself up again.

Therefore, there is no doubt about the likeability of Latino music.

Play the music to dance your worries away and just enjoy life once again.