How to Keep Your Rentals in Demand with Superb Tenancy Cleaning

Are your rental units seeing low occupancy rates even when the rest of the neighbourhood has no such problems? It could be that your rental units are unattractive. Potential tenants are very likely to be put off by dirty and unhygienic conditions. Unfortunately, some landlords do not bother to do proper tenancy cleaning when previous tenants leave.

An occupied house, especially one that has been occupied for long will need work from top to bottom. Some tenants do not bother doing end of tenancy cleaning and leave the house dirty, smelly, stained and inhabitable. Regular general cleaning is usually inadequate in such circumstances. This requires the services of professional end of tenancy cleaning services.

What is involved in tenancy cleaning?

The house is cleaned from the ceiling to the floor. Every square foot in the house is cleaned with the aim of making it as good as new. All floors are cleaned:

  • Living room – The ceiling is dusted. The furniture upholstery, curtains and other fabrics are thoroughly cleaned, using steam cleaning if necessary. The floor is cleaned including removing stains on the carpets. Glass and wooden surfaces are polished and shined.
  • Bedrooms – All clutter in the cabinets and cupboard is taken out. Dust and cobwebs are removed from hidden corners. Rugs and carpets in the rooms are cleaned.
  • Kitchen – All appliances are cleaned. This involves degreasing the oven and wiping down the fridge.
  • Bathrooms – The bathtub, sinks, and toilet bowls are disinfected and scrubbed. Water stains and limescale are washed off the walls. The drains are unclogged. All the mirrors are cleaned and polished.
  • Hallways and stairways – The railings are cleaned and polished, and handprints cleaned off the walls.

If the rental units are standalone with compounds, you may want to ask the cleaning service to work on the outside as well. This would include cleaning the veranda and cleaning the driveway.

Why use a tenancy cleaning service?

If you have several units to be cleaned, it is better to engage a professional cleaning service:

  • Professional work – A cleaning service with experienced cleaners will do a better job than casual contractors. A cleaning service is likely to have more resources, including manpower, cleaning equipment and access to powerful cleaning agents.
  • Timely services – A cleaning service can get your rental units prepared quicker
  • Cost – You do not have to incur the costs of purchasing cleaning equipment and materials. You will also be in a position to negotiate if you have a big job.

Using tenancy cleaning services when preparing your rental units can make a big difference in how attractive they look to potential customers. You will see improved occupancy rates.