Latin Music and its rise in popularity

In the past three or so years, there has been a change in the global entertainment industry with Latin music taking a bigger role than it used to. The increase in its popularity could be seen in the fact that it overtook other music genres such as country music in billboard charts. While the industry is always dynamic, it is important for us to explain some of the reasons why such changes as the ones experienced in Latin music occur.

What led to the rise in popularity?

This is a question that producers, artists, and even fans of Latin music have asked themselves at one point. Essentially, the artists and producers want to find out the reasons so they can capitalize more on them. On the other hand, for most fans, it is a matter of interest in the music itself. So, what is it that led to the drastic changes seen in Latin music?

The change itself cannot be said to be sudden. Therefore, by observing the records of Latin music before and now, it is easy to identify that the reason behind the change in Latin music is the change in its sound. There was a time that Latin music was associated with reggaeton. Reggaeton was, in a way, Latin music’s own identification. However, as the interests in music changed, the sound that we heard in Latin music also gradually evolved to the pop that we are hearing right now.

Is “urban” feel good for Latin music?

Changes in the entertainment industry always lead to controversy and the case with Latin music is no different. There are those who wish to stick to the same old reggaeton sound and there are those that are more impressed with the “urban” feel brought on by the pop sound. But which is sound is better and how well does the pop sound fit with Latin music as compared to the past?

In truth, when it comes to judgments, it is always best to leave it to the fans to argue and decide. However, as far as Latin music is concerned, the fact that there has been such a positive reception to the modern Latin music means that it is working. However, that doesn’t mean that the old sound was bad. Instead of focusing on good and bad, you should focus on the audience and what they want. And the current audience of young people wants more urban music. Now, doesn’t that just lead to monoculturalism? That is a question for a different day