Why You Are Not Getting the Right End of tenancy Cleaners

A majority of landlord-tenant disputes arise from tenancy deposit disagreements. In turn, a majority of these tenancy deposit disagreements arise from issues around end of tenancy cleaning. Some tenants opt for DIY cleaning or go for the cheapest end of tenancy cleaners, which ends up with a shoddy cleaning job. If you have moved severally and keep getting the cleaning done improperly by the cleaning services, you are getting the wrong kind. Here is why, and how to avoid them.

You do not vet

If you pick up the newspaper classifieds and pick the first cleaning service that shows up, you could be picking an inexperienced service, or cons. You never know until you vet. This is why you need to look into some questions; how long has the cleaning service been in operation? Can they show references of past satisfied clients? How credible is their website?

You can also do a physical visit to the offices. How well organized is the office? Does it look credible and well-used or it a temporary space for conning people?

You do not look at the resources

Many people will usually contract a cleaning service over the phone without bothering to check whether the cleaning service can handle the scale of a job or not. In turn, a good number of cleaning services will usually rely on sub-contracting arrangements when the job is beyond their capacity. There is a big risk of ending up with poorly skilled end of tenancy cleaners

A professional cleaning service will usually be able to show the manpower for the job at hand. They will also have the required equipment for the job including equipment for working at heights. The cleaning service should also demonstrate knowledge for dealing with different types of dirt and have the cleaning materials required.

You go for the cheapest

The cheap end of tenancy cleaning is not always the best. Some cleaning services quote low prices and then cut corners to make money. This includes hiring poorly skilled undocumented immigrants. They will also be poorly equipped, making do with the bare minimum tools that may not be suitable for the job.  They will also use the cheapest available cleaning materials which could be toxic or not up to the task of cleaning stubborn stains.

You do not define what you want

If you do not define the job at hand, a cleaning service may not be in a position to judge whether they can handle the job or not. Always have a scope of work.